About Me

Randy Vroon: Lighting Restoration Specialist

Lighting Restoration Specialist

My passion is restoring the beauty and function of Antique, Vintage and Modern lighting,

where each lamp and chandelier uniquely defines mood and space.

My Journey

My lighting restoration journey began in 2009

as I worked with my friend and mentor Garry Judd of Ken Steph Lighting in Aurora, Ontario. Spending spare time Saturdays visiting with Garry in his amazing lighting store inspired me with the creativity and skills applied in the restoration of beautiful lighting fixtures. Lighting restoration captured my attention, as I planned to transition from 30-years as a technical I/T Specialist and Architect into more relaxing Artisan-based work.   I began helping Garry rewire fixtures, polish brass parts, and shape wood bases for custom lamps.

My Experience

My past decades of experience readily supported transition into the artisan trade of lighting restoration:

  • electrical safety certifications
  • enjoying detail work
  • fine wood-working
  • home renovations
  • electronic hobbyist
  • small appliance repairs
  • industrial computer system maintenance

I feel relaxed, content and fulfilled, applying visually creative artisan skills in restoring beautiful Antique, Vintage and Modern lighting, where each lamp and chandelier uniquely defines a mood for your special spaces.  Working with Gary Judd of Ken-Steph Lighting (Aurora) since 2009,  I now carry forward his legacy and love of lighting.

I look forward to Renewing your Favorite Lighting.

Hobbies, Background and Training 

I grew up working with power tools and wood, creating cabinets and custom wood products. Electronics and transistor projects became a favorite pass-time in my teens, leading to formal training at SAIT in Telecommunications Technology. I’ve maintained an ongoing skill in electronic repairs, crossing over into electrical wiring with home renovations. Around 2005 the pressures of I/T work prompted need for a relaxing creative outlet – I began water color painting, de-stressing that year by painting landscapes and experimenting with natural flowing pigments in saturated media papers.
In 2006 I began studying the art of natural beeswax candle-making and trained as a professional Chandler (Candle-maker), which I continue to this day as RCCandles (www.rccandles.ca), the natural lighting branch of RC Lighting Restorations.

Transition into RC Lighting Restorations

In 2011, following 30-years with IBM, I immediately transitioned into small business as an entrepreneur restoring lighting as RC Lighting Restorations. You can find me listed with this local Chamber of Commerce since March 2014.

  1. East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce
    East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce – RCLightingRestorations

Formal Training

Formally trained as a technical specialist at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology),

my background has been always been technical. Upon hiring with IBM in 1981, I received 3-month Data Systems Basic training – an intensive technical program for data processing technicians. Upon graduation, I repaired datacenter systems, requiring an annual Electrical Safety Certification. In 1994 I was promoted to senior technical instructor supporting service technicians, I Certified as a Professional I/T Specialist in 2002 and worked as a field I/T Architect directly supporting Customers to create Infrastructure technology solutions through 2011.

Since 2005, creative, non-technical skill development has been the focus,

addressing the need for life balance. Water color landscape painting, professional artisan candle making, and lighting restoration have all worked to restore health and balance. Today I exercise creative big-picture, artisan skills while leveraging the deep, analytical, problem solving & detail skill to create solutions for practical challenges in restoring old and new lighting treasures.

I have achieved a satisfying balance.