Full Restoration: 8-Arm Brass Chandelier

8-Arm Brass Chandelier –

This large 8-arm solid brass fixture had such unique geometric shaping that Laura’s kitchen was being modelled around this lighting fixture. Full rewiring initially appeared straight-forward; closer inspection however, revealed extensive water damage. Possible and Practical to Restore? YES!
This beautifully constructed fixture of high quality brass, plus patience and skill, made it possible to clean, polish, rewire and fully restore this amazing chandelier.

The Blisters around the wiring compartment, joints and socket arms indicated serious problems within – major water damage. As seen in the photos, all was restored.

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… November 2012

for Laura

Lighted Closeup

Lighted Chandelier Closeup
Lighted Chandelier Closeup
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