Crystal Basket Chandelier –

This amazing chandelier was just recently completed in February 2016.

It needed full rewiring, cleaning, crystal repairs and major repinning work. Initial steps required full electrical restoration, removal of old cracked fabric-based wiring, new sockets and fixture grounding. Repaired a broken ‘hanging bobesche (cup)’, using a shaped crystal sleeve to naturally blend into the fixture, while hiding the broken neck segment.

Doug and Jackie were very pleased – the results far exceeded their expectations.  As many crystal spears had previously hung irregularly and used poor pinning materials, Doug requested full Crystal Hanging and Repinning Services to complete the restoration of their heirloom lighting fixture.

To address broken pinning and heavy soiling in the crystal basket, it was fully disassembled, scrubbed clean and rehung. Repinning of over 150 connections was required, and resetting dozens of pinning points. At the upper ‘accent row’ new seating loops were created to hang 2-inch spear crystals. The remaining 75 dangling ‘spear-crystal’ sets were sized, hung and levelled.

The resulting visual effect is truly stunning and beautiful.

Randy (RCLightRestorations)

for Doug and Jackie


Spear Crystal Closeup View
Closeup View - Crystal Spears hung on Bobesche

Chandelier Repainting –

Convert a small brass and crystal fixture into a dainty white enamel fixture for a child’s room. Absolutely it can be done!
With a quality fixture, doing the job properly means:
Disassembly, Cleaning, Individual part spraying, Reassembly, Rewiring, and Crystal installation. A new heirloom fixture is born, awakened for the child princess to enjoy over the decades.

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… December 2014

for Kathleen

Original Gold

Original Gold Chandelier
Original Gold

Porcelain and Brass Chandelier –

Joe and Maria simply loved this fixture the moment they saw it in an antique store. It needed rewiring, tightening, new candle covers and crystals, but it was stunningly beautiful, a rare find.
A full restoration process of disassembly with detailed photo’s of each step and special cleaning for the gold leaf ceramic accents and body.
A separate appointment addressed crystal selection: With some suggestions and several options, Joe and Maria  identified pleasing prism shapes to accent the fixture, highlight the elegant arms, and sparkle with dancing lights as you pass by.

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… November 2015

for Joe and Maria

Arm Inset

Lighted Arm with Accents
Lighted Arm with Accents