Copper Lantern Fixture –

Turning a special object into a beautiful lighting fixture is a special highlight for me. This particular blackened copper lantern was bought at a bazaar in Egypt; the owner envisioned it as a swag lamp hanging in their foyer. What a great idea!
Add new chains and matching canopy; build a socket mount for two bulbs (enabled for ease of replacement); create swag chain with wiring & plug and voila… an amazing lantern fixture is born!

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… November 2014

for Nazir


Lantern Fixture Closeup
Lantern Closeup

Art Deco Lamp –

This vintage hand-painted fixture simply caught Sharon’s eye. Restoration with new sockets, wiring and some detailed hand cleaning, revived this lovely fixture to grace a special living space, allowing relaxation in good company.

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… June 2015

for Sharon


Attractive Lighting
Attractive Lighting

Stained Glass –

This stained-glass swag fixture held great sentimental value. Made decades earlier by her late husband, it held many precious memories for Faye. Casting such beautiful light and gentle reflections of years past,  it was brought to me for restoration.
The joints and structure were crumbling, yet with careful mending, rewiring and structural repairs and it is once again safe, and serving…
to Bless the Present with Quiet Reflections of the past.

Randy (RCLightingRestorations)… May 2015

for Faye

Top View

Repairs Complete
Repairs Complete